Theater of Agony

from by Id



The well dressed crowd rushes through the door
Entering a night most macabre
Greetings from the libertine as poppy smoke fills our lungs
Absinthe by the snifter
The show has begun
On first is the carnival of writhing
flesh off the vine
Dissecting the membrane
It's their god's mortal design
The audience lies shaken
Welcome one and all to the Theater of Agony
A carnival for the deranged
Where hallways fill with bloody screams
as they cry out in ecstacy
Touch. Taste. Feel.
Blood begins to flow forth
as cold steel meets hot flesh
The smell of fresh blood fills the air
Depravity grows
as more limbs hit the floor
and as tongues are torn
right from their skulls
Blood laced with semen
As they're nailed to the floor
Twenty more hit center stage
The crowd bellows for more
Their bodies convulse
as more atrocities are shared
The crowd remains entranced by the boundless violence at hand
Evening gowns covered
in blood, cum, and bile
A night at the theater
for the rich and the vile


from Philosofía, released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Id Austin, Texas

Formed in early 2012, Id is a death metal band representing Puerto Rico and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas by way of Austin, Texas.

Id is Armando Collazo on the lead guitar, Jason Garza on the rhythm guitar, A.R. Mendez on the bass guitar, and Sterling Junkin on the drums.
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