by Id

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Recorded in December of 2013


released May 21, 2014

All music and lyrics - Id
Production and Engineering - Mike Garrison of Winter Skies Productions
Cover Artwork - Kate Swinney
Logo Artwork - The Artist Currently Known as Evan Simpson
Guest Vocals on "Liberate" - Shane Elwell

Id are:
Armando Collazo - Vox/Lead Guitar
Jason Garza - Vox/Rhythm Guitar
A.R. Mendez - Vox/Bass Guitar
Sterling Junkin - Battery



all rights reserved


Id Austin, Texas

Formed in early 2012, Id is a death metal band representing Puerto Rico and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas by way of Austin, Texas.

Id is Armando Collazo on the lead guitar, Jason Garza on the rhythm guitar, A.R. Mendez on the bass guitar, and Sterling Junkin on the drums.
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Track Name: Oath
Bloodied, gasping for air
I feel the chill of the night’s
cold breath
I extend my filthy hand
toward lingering death
At that moment
Approaching figures form
from the shadows near
In their arms they embrace me
Suffocating my fears
I realize the presence before me
‘The Furies’ I’ve heard as
their name
The spirit of vengeance incarnate
Eumenides hold my stare
To the coven that took me in
My heart I give to thee
The oath I make on this
most fateful night
Vengeance will come in three
Slain by the hand of my father
The Furies will avenge so I
may find peace in death
Eumenides, The Kindly
Ones, The Furies
My rest is thine
I praise your mercy divine
Track Name: Theater of Agony
The well dressed crowd rushes through the door
Entering a night most macabre
Greetings from the libertine as poppy smoke fills our lungs
Absinthe by the snifter
The show has begun
On first is the carnival of writhing
flesh off the vine
Dissecting the membrane
It's their god's mortal design
The audience lies shaken
Welcome one and all to the Theater of Agony
A carnival for the deranged
Where hallways fill with bloody screams
as they cry out in ecstacy
Touch. Taste. Feel.
Blood begins to flow forth
as cold steel meets hot flesh
The smell of fresh blood fills the air
Depravity grows
as more limbs hit the floor
and as tongues are torn
right from their skulls
Blood laced with semen
As they're nailed to the floor
Twenty more hit center stage
The crowd bellows for more
Their bodies convulse
as more atrocities are shared
The crowd remains entranced by the boundless violence at hand
Evening gowns covered
in blood, cum, and bile
A night at the theater
for the rich and the vile
Track Name: Godlike
Eating away at the flesh of sanity
never to deny
I await them, corrupting consciousness, growing delusion
In archaic chaos, Peel back the skin
at a frozen reality
Wither away. Disconnect the soul
of those who never again will feel alive.
Blood from the name I used to bear
Drips down my naked being
a voice from beyond appears
speaking unto me
“Oh Forgotten child
What sights I have for thee
A realm between realities
Just take my hand and see”
His mouth engulfs the sun
The light dissolving fast
And I thought I see more clearly
This wish shall be my last
In my emptiness salvation waits
rising far above the molten lakes
Below and beyond; what's done is done
From madness I'm reborn
Feeding on his emptiness
I spawn a new design
Godlike; I've become the nether
and I now preach the new divine
From my own congregation
Seated upon a gilded throne
alone in time,
Blessed to those who have held
the finest minds
I reign from aether and grave
through the collective
Endeavors without your forgiveness
Feeding on his emptiness
I spawn a new design
Godlike; I've become the nether
and I now preach the new divine
Revel in zionic demise
Enter the dawning of days
Callous souls prey on weakness
Saving grace by not facing the truth
Taking part is the only way to lose
Paradise and purgatory
Pleasure and Pain
Coalesce into a single thought
As I leave my tortured shell
Locked into my transformation
Transgressing shape
In realizing my new form
I surpass all time and space
We who enslave them will never see it coming as the stars align
and I await them ad their despair drains under fading stars
Eyes of morality lose sight of their path seething in decay
Spirits fleeting, they seek to Revel in my demise
Blood has been shed; kill count
now spreads. All that's left is to
enslave those who remain.
Track Name: The Possession
Under backlit, cloudy skies
It happened while I was sleeping
A dream of the most violent kind
Like being lifted then torn to pieces
In trying to question what has come over me, my mind escapes
and fear tightens its grip
Awakened, my eyes blew open
A fevered pain slithered within
My body a puppet became,
convulsing and twisting again
This has become all too real
I howl at the night in pain
But no medicine, ritual, preacher, or god could ever save me
Track Name: Fields of the Fallen
Give unto me the words of your prophet
behold the treasures from the heavens above
bow down before the temples of His holiness
indoctrination from the eldest order
the fear is clear
befallen your broken promises
storm of the antichrist ablaze in the darkness
beyond the pits of torment
through the fields of the fallen
i turn my eyes from your effigies
with a breath i'll extinguish your flame
tearing feathers from flesh
recant. deny. defy.
screaming cold breath from where they lay awaiting death
a cleansing of the curse of life since the pulling from the sea
our might unhindered, unfiltered
consequences resonate through ages of blasphemy
there is no turning back no room for cowardice or pleasantries
our mark is made as white light fades
a necrolyptic prophecy
the seams of this reality have frayed into the hearts of man
not a prayer in the world can save me
no chains in Hell to enslave me
drifting closer towards oblivion
falling into eternal nonexistence
give unto me the eyes of the forgotten
tunneling darkness grows as I embrace the cold
becoming one with the ether that surrounds me
I dissolve into nothing
Track Name: The Key
"The lord of dreams makes preparations to visit the realms infernal
yet in Hell, the adversary makes certain preparations of his own"
welcome to hell, oh lord of dreams
and by the way, I give up the throne. I'm bored. I'm done
now, cut off my wings
cutting off the wings from the first among the fallen angels
he hands me the key that locks his fortress full of masochists
desolate landscapes of tortured souls and fiery river flow
what am I to do with this key and this realm of pains unknown
call on the pantheon of gods
palace of dreams is where we'll meet
who I see fit will get the key
and in Hell reign supreme
a strange disposition of a knife and a key has fallen into the lap of the dream king
too busy to rule in Hell, too spiteful to care
at his hands a decision: choose Morningstar's heir
Odin is present, Anubis, and Bast
and princes from Hell that demand back their lands
some offer their riches, or blackmail, or sisters
but Ramiel and Duma the dream lord's eye catch
and empty Hell now has its leaders
God's most faithful angels now have their reign
for Hell is heaven's shadow and so the balance is kept
Ramiel and Duma welcome back the eternal dead
the end of an age, the turning of a page
Track Name: Behold Your Majesty
Majestic queen of enraptured souls
cult of passions divine, temple of flesh and blood
pale skin evokes a frenzy of rabid thoughts
beckoning eyes awaken all sins against God
she brings forth the fires of desire and lust
at the feet of her cruelty all souls will deconstruct
naked bodies surrounding her throne
virgins' blood spills from her cup
cold caress from her sensuous touch
deliverance as madness erupts
calming whispers bring trembling bodies together
Queen Desire we worship your hunger forever
she summons her legions like a murder of crows
devouring pleasures as ecstasy grows
Desire unbound, her will our command
The pleasure is worth the suffering at hand
fantasy slain, the temptation enslaves
our goddess of desire, behold your majesty.
Track Name: Liberate
I live under the sun
a world of stone corrupt with the lore of a virgin-born
I exist beyond the stars
I walk the path forlorn denouncing the king with the thorn brimmed crown
the vastness of space and whatever comes after
slither through my mind as the darkness gets louder
in the solitude of thought is where I find my strength
my will is my only higher power
I am the lonely one on the way of the creator
my mind my church, my vision my religion
my thoughts my sermon, imagination my doctrine
as I stand up on this earth, I am my own god
the death of the stars that brought upon my creation
echoes throughout the infinity of existence
a void of forgotten pasts, a plane of futures untold
faith unravels like a string as this revelation unfolds
liberate. deconsecrate.