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Eating away at the flesh of sanity
never to deny
I await them, corrupting consciousness, growing delusion
In archaic chaos, Peel back the skin
at a frozen reality
Wither away. Disconnect the soul
of those who never again will feel alive.
Blood from the name I used to bear
Drips down my naked being
a voice from beyond appears
speaking unto me
“Oh Forgotten child
What sights I have for thee
A realm between realities
Just take my hand and see”
His mouth engulfs the sun
The light dissolving fast
And I thought I see more clearly
This wish shall be my last
In my emptiness salvation waits
rising far above the molten lakes
Below and beyond; what's done is done
From madness I'm reborn
Feeding on his emptiness
I spawn a new design
Godlike; I've become the nether
and I now preach the new divine
From my own congregation
Seated upon a gilded throne
alone in time,
Blessed to those who have held
the finest minds
I reign from aether and grave
through the collective
Endeavors without your forgiveness
Feeding on his emptiness
I spawn a new design
Godlike; I've become the nether
and I now preach the new divine
Revel in zionic demise
Enter the dawning of days
Callous souls prey on weakness
Saving grace by not facing the truth
Taking part is the only way to lose
Paradise and purgatory
Pleasure and Pain
Coalesce into a single thought
As I leave my tortured shell
Locked into my transformation
Transgressing shape
In realizing my new form
I surpass all time and space
We who enslave them will never see it coming as the stars align
and I await them ad their despair drains under fading stars
Eyes of morality lose sight of their path seething in decay
Spirits fleeting, they seek to Revel in my demise
Blood has been shed; kill count
now spreads. All that's left is to
enslave those who remain.


from Philosofía, released May 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Id Austin, Texas

Formed in early 2012, Id is a death metal band representing Puerto Rico and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas by way of Austin, Texas.

Id is Armando Collazo on the lead guitar, Jason Garza on the rhythm guitar, A.R. Mendez on the bass guitar, and Sterling Junkin on the drums.
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