Id [EP]

by Id

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Recorded in 2012
All songs written, performed, recorded, and produced by Id.


released 21 March 2013
Armando Collazo - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jason Garza - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
A. R. Mendez - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Sterling Junkin - Drums

Mixing and Mastering by Armando C.
Drum Production by A.R. Mendez at Band Co-op
Artwork by Armando C.



all rights reserved


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Id Austin, Texas

Formed in early 2012, Id is a collective of four equally driven musicians focused on creating extreme music combining the devastating brutality, haunting melody, and musical technicality.

Id is Armando Collazo on the lead guitar, Jason Garza on the rhythm guitar, A.R. Mendez on the bass guitar, and Sterling Junkin on the drums.
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Track Name: Fields of the Fallen
Give unto me the words of the prophet
Behold the treasures from the heavens above
Bow down before the temple of His holiness
Indoctrination from the eldest order
The fear is clear
Befallen your broken promises
Storm of the Antrichrist ablaze in the darkness
Beyond the pits of torment, through the fields of the fallen
I turn my eye from your effigies
With a breath I'll extinguish your flame
Tearing feathers from flesh
Recant, deny, defy
Screaming cold breath from where they lay awaiting death
A cleansing of the curse of life since the pulling from the sea
Our might unhindered, unfiltered
Consequences resonate through ages of blasphemy
There is no turning back, no room for cowardice or
Our mark is made as white light fades- a necrolyptic prophecy
The seams of this reality have frayed into the hearts of man
Not a prayer in the world can save me
No chains in hell to enslave me
Drifting closer towards oblivion
Falling into eternal nonexistence
Give unto me the eyes of the forgotten
Tunneling darkness grows as I embrace the cold
Becoming one with the ether that surrounds me
I dissolve into nothing
Track Name: Behold Your Majesty
Majestic queen of enraptured souls
Cult of passions divine, temple of flesh and blood
Pale skin evokes a frenzy of rabid thoughts
Beckoning eyes awaken all sins against God
She brings forth the fires of desire and lust
At the feet of her cruelty all souls will deconstruct
Naked bodies surrounding her throne
Virgin's blood spills from her cup
Cold caress from her sensuous touch
Deliverance as madness erupts
Calming whispers bring trembling bodies together
Queen Desire we worship your hunger forever
She summons her legions like a murder of crows
Devouring pleasures as ecstasy grows
Track Name: Oath
Bloodied, gasping for air
I feel the chill of the night's cold breath
I extend my filthy hands toward lingering death
At that moment
Approaching figures form from the shadows near
In their arms they embrace me
Suffocating my fears
I realize the presence before me
'The Furies' I've heard as their name
The spirit of vengeance incarnate
Eumenides hold my stare
To the coven that took me in
My heart I give to thee
The oath I make on this most fateful night
Vengeance will come in three
Slain by the hand of my father
The Furies will avenge so I may find peace in death
Eumenides, The Kindly Ones, The Furies
My rest is thine
I praise your mercy divine